Seurat Who?

Following the theme of AR/VR discussion in my classes during the week, I decided to do a little of my own research into the subject to increase my understanding. In between reading about some interesting campaigns from the new film Alien: Covenant and the NBA that utilize the technology in quite original ways I came across a new technology announced by Google.

VR Technology

The Context of this announcement was during the Google I/O developer conference which is held annually by the company. During this event I/O developers display all the new technologies being created that are focused around mobile, internet or applications for open source technology. One such announcement that stood out to me was for Google Seurat a new VR technology set to revolutionize the industry.

Now if you try and Google search “Seurat” your most likely going to come across a few pictures like this.

That is George Seurat the famous 1800s French painter who this technology is named after but unfortunately for him, hes not the topic of this blog today. The Google Seurat, has found itself named after George I hypothesize because of the ability shared by the two to generate beautiful scenery and stunning environments.

The Google Seurat as it was announced is a new technology that can take hiqh quality virtual reality scenes say from a movie or video game and downscale them to a format that is usable on smartphones or mobile VR devices. Essentially with this technology, Google will be able to create high quality VR experiences on technology that it would not usually be possible for.

High Quality VR Experiences!

Partnering with Industrial Light and Magic Labs a division of Lucasfilm (Star Wars) the test environment developers used for this new technology was a hangar from the recently released movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This partnership comes as no surprise however as this is not the first time Lucasfilm has ventured into the VR scene. In 2016 they also partnered with Sony to produce the Star Wars: Battlefront VR mission for use on PlayStation 4. This also experimented with new VR technology created by Sony and was the first of its kind for the PlayStation platform.

Its pretty clear to see that Lucasfilm is serious about developing its VR technologies and is investing quite heavily on their eventual success. Its hard to disagree with them as well, especially now with the Seurat technology at their disposal.

The opportunities for digital marketers here are endless really and not just in the entertainment industry. Sure this technology could be applied in movie trailers, video games and advertisements but lets think out of the box for a moment. Imagine consumers scrolling through your products on an iPhone and being able to digitally render photo realistic 3D models of the products available. You could even put them in a virtual shop that consumers can walk around from the comfort of their own home essentially bringing the real life shopping experience to them.

3D Virtual Stores?

Much of the criticism of virtual reality is due to the low or animated quality of the experiences and I think that Seurat addresses these issues entirely. Who knows with the issue of quality addressed and big brands like Lucasfilm investing we may see entire virtual shopping centres in the future.

Are you impressed? Does the Seurat technology sell you on virtual reality for marketing? Be sure to let me know in the comments and Ill see you around the blog!

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2 thoughts on “Seurat Who?”

  1. Indefinitely think that except the hardware the only think that is actually holding back VR is the quality of the VR itself. Therefore, Seurat would be great to improve the VR experience! And the partenership with Lucas films makes it really believable and gives even more appeal to this technology I think.
    I’m really looking forward for Google to implement what they talked about during I/O!
    Great article 🙂


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